We hope the findings, analysis and guidance in this report help you better understand the potential impact of DevOps on your organization.

As always (5th year in a row) exciting when the State of DevOps Report from Puppet comes out. Above quote is the last words from the report and I can’t say anything else than the guys behind the report accomplished yet another success. I hope people from my company will read and adopt the practices and findings from this report.

Below are my favorite quotes and key takeaways from the report:

Our analysis shows that high performers are deploying 200 times more frequently that low performers, with 2555 times faster lead times. They also have the fastest recovery time and the lowest change failure rate.

The integration of security objectives is just as important as the integration of other business objectives, and security must be integrated into the daily work of delivery teams.

Always try to minimize the amount to test data you require in order to rum your automated tests, and avoid large database dumps wherever possible.

The idea that developers should work in small batches off master or trunk rather than on long-lived feature branches is still one of the most controversial ideas in the Agile canon, despite the fact that it is the norm in high-performing organizations such as Google.

Teams that don’t have code freeze periods also achieve higher performance.

Agile has more or less won the methodology wars, but in larger companies it’s still common to see months spent on budgeting, analysis and requirements-gathering before work stars.

Leaders can change culture. In today’s fast-moving and competitive world, the best thing you can do for your products, your company and your people is institute a culture of experimentation and learning, and invest in the technical and management capabilities that enable it“.

DevOps is no longer a mere fad or buzzword, but an understood set of practices and cultural patterns.

– Yes, I made the survey for the report and will do so next year. Thanks to Puppet, Inc!